C Programming & IT Workshop Lab

In this Lab IBM(x3400) Server connected with 60 Gigabyte thin clients with UPS and available to the students to learn the fundamentals in programming , C & C++ languages as per the curriculum and packages like Open Office are available in this Lab.

Department Server's Configuration

BM(x3400) for intranet

Dell POWEREDGE T410 for internal web servers.

HCL P4 for Internet Sharing


220 Pentium based systems with multimedia facilities

Capable of getting connected to all server and every other systems over TCP/IP backbone

All systems having access with INTERNET/Intranet.


A) System Softwares

Fedora 6 Server Edition.

OpenSolaris 2009106

RedHat 5 Enterprise Edition.

Ubuntu 9.10 Server Edition

B) Application Softwares

Open Office 3.2

Java (jdk1.6)

Xampp 1.7.1

Globarena E-Mentoring System(GEMS)

MySQL 5.0

Gcc 3.04(C & C++ Compiler for Linux

MyEclipse 3.4