Smt. Aluru Narayanamma Memorial Educational Society

Smt. Aluru Narayanamma Memorial Educational Society was established by the Founder Cum Secretary Sri Aluru Sambasiva Reddy in November 2007 in memory of his mother Late Smt. Aluru Narayanamma, with a firm belief that “Education is a key enabler for Progress”. The main objective of the Society is to provide Value based Education and Employment avenues for Rural Students.

Society Members
  1. Smt J. Padmavathy, M. Tech - President
  2. Sri M. Ranjit Reddy, M. Tech - Vice President
  3. Sri A. Sambasiva Reddy, M. Tech - Secretary
  4. Sri K. Jagan Mohan Reddy, M. Tech - Joint Secretary
  5. Sri A.V. Ramana Reddy - Treasurer
  6. Smt J. Nirmala Devi - E.C. Member
  7. Sri A. Rajeswara Reddy - E.C. Member
  8. Sri A. Nagasesha Reddy - E.C. Member
  9. Sri A. Ramachandra Reddy - E.C. Member